Take a 2015 Toyota HiLux and stuff it with the engine from a Lexus IS-F for a staggering 335kW and 600Nm ute to make the most powerful HiLux ever.

TO CELEBRATE THE sale of the one millionth Toyota Hilux back in July, and the fact Toyota has dominated the last seven South African Cross-Country Championships, Toyota South Africa Motorsport has built a one-off HiLux packing 335kW and 600Nm of torque. It’s being called, the Toyota HiLux Racing Experience.

335kW Toyota HiLux

Under the bonnet is a Lexus IS-F V8 engine that makes 335kW at 6000rpm and 600Nm of torque from 3250-4500rpm – it’s the most powerful factory-built Toyota HiLux ever. But it’s more than just a big engine in a ute, according to Toyota. “The engine management system, for instance, has been replaced with a Pectel Cosworth system, making the most of the engine’s direct fuel injection. The sump has been modified to make room for the production Hilux front differential, which has been equipped with a new gear ratio. The rear diff received similar treatment, and the inlet manifold has been modified to Dakar spec, effectively boosting the torque characteristics of the engine,” Toyota said in a statement.

More than that, a new alternator and power steering pump were fitted, the wiring harness upgraded to Dakar specification, a full tubular exhaust system and modifications to the transmission to ensure it doesn’t get ripped apart trying to channel the 335kW and 600Nm to the wheels.

335kW Toyota HiLux

“So the modifications are pretty comprehensive,” said Toyota SA Motorsport’s Glyn Hall. “But you can’t just add all that power and toys without ensuring that the vehicle can handle it.”

The suspension system has been upgraded, with fully adjustable front and rear dampers, and the entire vehicle has been lowered by 50mm over the production version. The steering ratio has been increased for faster movement and large 18×9-inch wheels have been fitted. This is a HiLux designed for dirt road racing and not rock crawling.

“All of this come together with the AIM electronic dashboard, which is fully integrated with the Pectel engine management system and provides the driver with a vast array of engine information in true motorsport fashion.”


Engine Lexus IS-F 2UR-GSE

Configuration V8

Capacity 5000cc

Management Pectel Cosworth, direct fuel injection

Power 335kW at 6000rpm

Torque 600Nm at 3250 – 4500rpm

Brakes Power Brake (SA supplier to Dakar Toyota Hilux vehicles) 350mm discs with billet aluminium 4-piston calipers

Suspension Fully adjustable front and rear

Ride Height Lowered by 50 mm

Wheels 9×18 alloy rims

Exhaust System Full tubular exhaust with Dakar spec inlet manifold

Transmission Standard Toyota Hilux D-4D

Differentials Standard Toyota Hilux D-4D front and rear, new ratios of 4.375

Clutch Twin Plate AP Racing

Instrumentation AIM Electronic Dash, integrated with Pectel Engine Management System

335kW Toyota HiLux


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