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Off-road Troller T4 concept revealed

Ford subsidiary Troller reveals off-road Troller T4 concept ahead of its debut at the 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show. Shame it won’t come to Australia.

TROLLER HAS REVEALED a ‘special off-road’ Troller T4 concept ahead of its debut at the 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show in Brazil on October 30. Troller, which is a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company, building four-wheel drives for the South American market, revealed its 2015 Troller T4 earlier in the year, but this new T4 concept adds to the appeal, although we’re not too sure about the colour.

Troller T4 concept

Beyond the standard Troller T4, the ‘special off-road’ T4 gets several practical enhancements, including a snorkel, winch, bash plate, bulky rock sliders and a set of ‘high performance shock absorbers’. Troller says its off-road concept is aimed at testing the interest in factory-supplied modifications. The two-tone brown and tan exterior colour scheme is used on the inside of the concept … we think steel grey might have been a better colour for this thing.

Troller T4 concept

Troller will also show a Rescue concept car at the Sao Paulo Motor Show but it hasn’t released images yet. According to a short statement, “The Rescue concept car, equipped as rescue unit, leverages the strength and all-terrain capability of the New Troller T4 to reach places difficult to access in emergency response. Painted in orange with blue accents, aiming to stand out amidst nature, received new taillights, LED lights on the sides, special tires, 17 -inch wheels and a plank to transport attached to the ceiling”.

Troller has been building four-wheel drives since 1984 and was purchased by Ford of Brazil in 2005.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober