New South Wales Police takes delivery of a brand-new 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera … no, it won’t be used for highway patrol duties.

THE NEW SOUTH WALES POLICE has taken delivery of a brand-new Porsche 911 Carrera to help drive its community engagement activities. The 911 Carrera sees the relationship between the NSW Police and Porsche Cars Australia enter its third year.

Since the partnership began in 2012 the Force has used a special liveried Porsche to attend more than 300 community events throughout the state, where the fascination of a Porsche in police decals is helping to “break the ice” especially with youths in disadvantaged areas.

“The last two years we have sought to create a unique programme where we could effectively engage our community on a regular basis,” says NSW Police Force Superintendent Alan Sicard.

“Up until now our partnership with Porsche has been with its Panamera sedan. Swapping into an eye-catching 911 Carrera will up the ante to become an even more effective means to enable social dialogue.”

“Although the 911 might make an ideal Police response car in some people’s eyes [the 911 Carrera runs a 257 kW flat-six cylinder engine], the true value of the sporty Carrera in police decals is that it will draw attention and curiosity with younger folk especially which is exactly what we aim to achieve,” says Superintendent Sicard.

To further emphasise its use for social engagement, the blue and white 911 Carrera received its design inspiration from close to 60 competition entries from local and international students throughout NSW university, tertiary campuses and high schools.

The Porsche police car is run and operated out of the NSW Police Force’s Harbourside Local Area Command but shared with other Commands. The car is owned, operated and serviced by Porsche with the NSW Police responsible only for fuel and tollway costs.



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  1. This is consistent with a certain undesirable image that police officers have of themselves. It attracts the wrong type of person for the wrong reasons.

    Instead we need a more disciplined, more level headed, & logical police force who are genuinely hard working and dutiful in their role of protecting the community and the interests of civilians.

  2. ” an even more effective means to enable social dialogue” could better be achieved with the older and more traditional driver by returning to the practice of addressing him as “Sir” instead of ” Mate” when inviting him to blow down the RBT machine, or anything else. I am NOT his ‘mate’ and have no wish to be. And if I were, God forbid, a criminal that would still apply. “Mate” – what happened to common courtesy ?

    1. You have a very good point there. In fact even though I belong to the younger gen I still use Sir and Ma’am which my friends find quite odd. May be a style/fashion thing on what people prefer nowadays.

  3. It’s official name is the PPDPR* unit – a mobile marketing device Porsche attach to various F&SPDs** and various IMOs*** in RWNs****
    * Porsche Police Department Public Relations
    ** Federal and State Police Departments
    *** Interested Media Organisations
    **** Rich Western Nations

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