Nissan has revealed video footage of its miniature car wash in action, demonstrating how the brand tests its paint performance…

OKAY, SO NISSAN doesn’t paint a miniature car to test how its paint stands up to harsh scrubbing of an automatic car wash. Instead it paints a piece of metal and subjects that to its miniature car wash test.

Nissan said, “Long before a Nissan ends up on dealer lots, engineers have made sure that every shade of exterior paint will stay looking great, even if our customer frequently takes his Altima or her 370Z through the rigors of an automatic car wash.

“To mimic an automatic wash cycle, Nissan’s miniature car wash spins the brush at around 180 rpm, causing the bristles to harshly slap the paint sample as water jets spray and “Arizona dirt” replicates the harsh and abrasive real world.”


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