In completely expected news the Nissan Navara NP300 has scored a top 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

A 5-star safety rating is now the norm, and even new utes are expected to achieve it so it is no surprise the NP300 has top-scored. 

What’s notable in this case is that the rating applies across the range – all single, extra (king) and dualcab variants, whereas in some cases with utes not all variants have been 5-star rated, only the 4WD dualcabs. 

Nissan made a change to a child restraint point, and the Navara scored 35.01 out of a maximum of 37 for dual and extracabs, and 34.01 for the single cabs.  The minimum for a 5-star rating is 32.5 out of 37.

All Nissan Navara safety ratings:

  • Navara NP300 – tested 2015 – 5 star
  • Navara D40 – tested 2014 – 4 star
  • Navara D22 – tested 2012, 2013, 2014 – 3 star

As time goes on, a 5-star rating becomes progessively harder to achieve so a 5-star in 2015 is better than a 5-star in 2010.

Details on the initial failure according to the ANCAP report:

Part of the webbing loop for the routing of the child restraint top tether failed during the frontal offset test. This failure was communicated to the Administrator of Vehicle Standards, Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development. Nissan redesigned the webbing loop and ANCAP conducted a satisfactory second frontal offset test. Nissan has confirmed that all new dual cab Nissan Navara vehicles have been fitted with this improved webbing loop.

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