The aftermarket industry is never slow to react to the release of a new big eight ute. So, here’s the bullbars available for the 2015 Nissan NP300 Navara.

Bullbar buying tips:

  • Any bullbar for these vehicles must be airbag-compatible. 
  • Steel are the strongest but the heaviest
  • Ensure yours has a winch mount even if you don’t intend to fit one now – you may later, and resale will be better.
  • You will very likely need to fit stiffer springs and appropriate shocks to the front for the extra weight, then balance at the rear.
  • You might want to get siderails (as shown in all photos below). Have these done the same time as the bar.  Not all bars have siderail options.
  • It is best to use a bridle to equalise (but not halve) the recovery load on the bullbar’s recovery points.
  • Make sure the bar has sufficient mount points for your lights, antennas, sand flags etc. 
  • Steel bars can be colour-coded for extra cost, but often it’s better to go for a contrast colour such as black.  Take a look at the TJM and ARB cars below and pick your preference.
  • If your have a top-end car with something like forward facing parking sensors and radar cruise control ensure those features work correctly with the bar fitted.  Not all will preserve those features!
  • Make sure the bar is road-legal. It has to conform to the body of the vehicle.  All the bars below are road-legal.  Others on the market may not be.



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Three different styles:

_MG_2581 R _MG_2649 R _MG_2703 R






Dobinsons have reported a bullbar is available but we can’t find any images.


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