The Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept has been revealed at the Hannover Motor Show, the vehicle is intended to work as “a durable and tough all-terrain pick-up, designed to operate as a life-saving rescue platform”.

THE NISSAN NAVARA ENGUARD CONCEPT has been revealed overnight at the Hannover Motor Show and is the Japanese car maker’s glimpse at a rough-terrain disaster rescue vehicle. “It is also packed with vital equipment suitable for emergency and disaster recovery work, including an advanced drone to provide vital intelligence about what dangers rescue crews might face,” said Nissan.

More than just the vehicle, Nissan has also unveiled a prototype portable battery pack that’s based on the brand’s existing battery technology. The aim, Nissan said, is to put it at the head of the pack when it comes to business opportunities as the sales of electric vehicles continues to grow. The idea is the battery pack could be used by a roadside assistance crew to help out those who own an electric car that’s run out of juice. They can also be used in confined spaces in emergency situations unlike generators.

“When docked in place the battery packs are constantly in ‘charge’ mode, using power generated by the vehicle’s 2.3-litre twin-turbo diesel engine to ensure they’re ready for emergency use when required. Each is a 2kW unit and utilises seven Nissan EV battery modules inside a weather-proof machined aluminium housing,” Nissan said.

“Two input (charge) sockets and five output (discharge) sockets are integrated into each battery pack, which features recessed ends to allow it to be carried easily. In a rescue environment they could be used to operate specialist cutting or heavy-lifting equipment, and have been specifically designed to provide an efficient alternative to a petrol generator.

“With zero emissions and no flammable fuel, portable battery packs can also be used in enclosed spaces such as a building or a cave. Additional power sockets are integrated into each side of the pick-up’s load bed.”

The rest of the tray is filled with two pull-out drawers holding two-way radios, ropes and an axe. The lower tray is deeper and narrower, storing larger items such as an oxygen tank and resuscitation kit, life jackets and buoyancy aids.

The Navara also carries a DJI Phantom 4 drone with an operating ceiling of 6000 metres. Weighing just 1380gm, it can fly at speeds of up to 20 metres per second for close to 30 minutes and can relay images back to the concept car. These are viewed on a pop-up HD screen hidden in the load bed wall.

The concept ute has been raised 50mm and sits on fully adjustable suspension with uprated nylon bushes, has been given flared wheel arches and a redesigned roofline which is 136mm higher than the standard car as well as a 360-degree lighting rig.

Philippe Guerin-Boutaud, Corporate Vice President, Light Commercial Vehicles, Nissan, commented: “The Nissan Navara is a tough and smart pick-up which our customers rely on to go anywhere and do anything in their daily lives. The Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept is an extension of that principle, showcasing how our award-winning pick-up is perfectly suited to tackle the toughest terrain and save lives.”

He continued: “The Navara EnGuard Concept opens a new chapter in the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision, featuring our commitment to zero fatalities and zero emissions. Our prototype EV portable battery pack reveals how Nissan will integrate its world-renowned EV battery technology and expertise into new sectors in the future.”


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