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New Toyota HiLux Variants priced from $54k+

Three new Toyota HiLux variants have been launched in the Flinders Ranges this week with prices starting at $54,990+ORC.

THE POPULARITY OF dual-cab utes shows no signs of slowing down, but surely charging more than $55k for one with little more than some stickers and bolt-on bits and bobs is pushing it. Toyota doesn’t seem to think so.

Toyota launched three new HilUx variants this week in the Flinders Ranges, and it’s calling three accessorised vehicles, let’s call them what they are, “fully-fledged HiLux models”.

Toyota Australia’s vice president sales and marketing Sean Hanley, said:”We know that the average HiLux customer already spends over $2000 on accessories for their vehicles so we looked at what those needs were from both a capability and style perspective and developed a raft of new features for HiLux.

“Designed and developed over a three-year vehicle program, all the new components on these stunning HiLux models are fully integrated and engineered into the core vehicle and covered by the standard factory warranty.

“The Rugged X, Rogue and Rugged are not accessorised special editions, they are fully fledged new HiLux models that our customers demanded and we can be justifiably proud that they were designed and developed here in Australia,” he said.

The Hilux SR5-based Rugged list from $54,990+ORC (automatic adds $2000). The Rogue lists from $61,690+ORC (automatic only), while the top-spec Rugged X list from $61,690+ORC (automatic adds $2000).

The HiLux Rugged X gets a high-tensile alloy bash plate, winch-compatible steel front bar, LED driving lights, recovery points, rock rails, and load-carrying sports bar. Like the Rugged X, the Rugged also features a snorkel, redesigned grille, side rock rails, sports bar and heavy-duty steel rear bar together recovery points. The Rogue gets a new-look front and rear end.

There’s no change to the engine or transmission, suspension or interior features.

Question: Are the three Toyota HilUx variants worth the extra coin? Would you better off spending the coin with an aftermarket 4×4 specialist?

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober