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New motorsport park in Tailem Bend, South Australia

CAMS has announced that a multi-use motorsport park in Tailem Bend, South australia has been approved – will be open in 2017

THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN Development Assesment Comission (DAC) has now approved the project, to the delight of motorsports fans in Australia, especially in Victoria and South Australia. The 680-hectare site will now “present the best any motor sport complex can offer in the country” according to CAMS.  

The park will include racing circuits, a drift circuit, gokart circuits, rallycross and a 4X4 adventure park.  There will be four race circuits of 4.8, 7.2, 3.3 and 3.6km – the 7.2 circuit will be the “most challenging permanent circuit in Australia” – did you notice the “permanent” bit ?  At least two of the circuits will be able to be used independently, and the complex will handle races up to all categories except Formula 1.

It is also expected that a lot of driver training, vehicle development/testing and press/media events will be held at the complex.

The park will attract a lot of interest (including that of this writer!) so there will be a hotel, caravan park, campground and related shops. 

Construction is planned to start later in 2015 and it is planned to open in 2017.  Tailem Bend is about 7 hours drive from Melbourne, and an hour from Adelaide. It was formerly a Mitsubishi Motors Australia test facility.

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