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New Lexus LC500 sportscar coming to Australia in 2017

The Lexus LC500 has been revealed and leap frogs the RC F to become the top of the lexus sports car tree. It’ll be in Australia in 2017.

LEXUS IS KEEN to shake off its staid image as the car of choice for people that don’t enjoy cars. There was the LFA, and right now we have the RC F and RC350. And soon we will have the LC500.


The LC500 is a four-seat coupe that looks stunning. It is quick too, with a V8 good for 351kW (same as the RC F) but unlike the RC F there are 10 speeds, not eight. The LC500 is bigger than the RC F – 4760mm long and 1920mm wide compared to the RC F at 4705 and 1845mm. No weight is specified for the LC500, but it’s probably going to be around the same as the rather porky RC F at around 1860kg as the 0-100 time is listed as “under 4.5 seconds”, pretty much the same as the RC F.


So where’s Lexus going? Lexus’ Chief Branding Officer and Master Driver, Akio Toyoda, says  “A few years ago we decided to guide the future of the brand with products that had more passion and distinction in the luxury market.”


That began with the LF-LC concept, which is what has driven the LC500 today. Reading the details supplied by Lexus it seems the focus is more on design and experience rather than outright performance, with statements such as:

“Lexus engineers put considerable effort into creating an engaging yet seductive atmosphere for the driver, focusing on details such as the size and angle of the steering wheel, the feel and positioning of magnesium alloy paddle shifters, and available supple leather and Alcantara seating surfaces.”

Lexus also seem determined to move the brand forwards, and aim for a mix of driving dynamics and daily usability, saying:

“The mission for LC500 was to offer a dynamic driving experience and character unlike any Lexus vehicle prior to it.”


“The pursuit of a sharper, more refined driving experience became the mission for the development team which also sought to maintain a superior Lexus ride quality befitting a flagship luxury sport coupe.”

The LC500 will be the first Lexus to use the brand’s new rear-wheel drive platform which is part of their new global architecture for luxury vehicles, designated GA-L. There’s also a new electric control system that helps anticipate the driver’s inputs by monitoring acceleration, braking and lateral g forces and sets the vehicle up accordingly.

The LC500 will also introduce the 2017 Lexus Multimedia package that will feature what Lexus say is “updated, faster, and more flexible software enabling future enhancements and a graphic user interface.”   Hopefully that translates into “useful and easy to use”.

However the LC500 performs, one thing is for sure, it’ll be a head-turner. If you can turn your head fast enough that is!


Provisional Lexus LC500 2017 specifications:

  LC 500
Power 351kW @ 7100rpm
Torque 530Nm @ 4800rpm
Transmission 10 speed automatic
Seating Capacity Four
Overall Length 4760mm
Width 1920mm
Height 1345mm
Wheelbase 2870mm
Driven Wheels Rear wheel drive
Fr/Rr Overhang Fr: 920mm, Rr: 970mm
Wheel size
(front and rear)
1. 21 inches
2. 20 inches
3. 20 inches
Tyre size 1. Fr: 245/40 RF21, Rr: 275/35RF 21
2. Fr: 245/45 RF20, Rr: 275/40RF 20 Fr: 245/45 RF20, Rr:275/40 RF20
0 – 100km/h Under 4.5 seconds

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8 years ago

400kg too heavy, and Toyota are smoking crack if they think this fat pig is an M4 or AMG C63 competitor

Robert Pepper
8 years ago
Reply to  godafoss

The RC F is the M4/C63 competitor, and that is nearly 1900kg. Too heavy by far. The weight of the LC500 is a guess.

The 500 will be a Lexus sportscar – luxury, daily-drive ability mixed with performance. I doubt it’ll be a driver’s car, and it will almost certainly have the excessive and pointless gizmos so beloved of the Japanese and in particular Lexus.

8 years ago
Reply to  Robert Pepper

This supposed to be a sharper version of the RC F, so of course it’s a so-called M4 competitor. Unless they’ve stripped away 300-400kg, it’s only for wheel healed boulevard cruisers.

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper