A new Land Rover Discovery will arrive in 2015, more new Range Rovers and a “radical” but utilitarian looking Defender are also on the horizon, says design boss in new report.

FOLLOWING THIS WEEK’S launch of the new Discovery Sport, the first model in a new Discovery family, Land Rover design boss, Gerry McGovern has said the fifth-generation Discovery will be released next year (2015). According to McGovern, who was talking to CAR Magazine, the death of the Freelander and the birth of the Discovery Sport creates a family of three.

“One of them is about luxury: Range Rover,” McGovern said. “Leisure, that’s Discovery, and that’s in the plural because at the moment we’ve only got one Discovery, but we’re doing more, starting with the Discovery Sport. And there’s dual purpose, our Defenders. We are going to do a new Defender, or Defender, a whole new generation. We thought it’s about time as it’s 60 years since the original. And we’re not just going to talk about it either, we’re doing to do it…”

McGovern has also revealed to the British magazine that there are a raft of new Range Rovers coming too. “They are probably more radical than the Evoque was, or certainly not what you might expect from Range Rover … One in particular looks fantastic,” he said.

While McGovern has suggested the Discovery and Range Rover families are becoming closer (especially where interiors are concerned), he says the Defender will stand apart from those two models. “But the Defenders, when you see those coming, they’ll really bring clarity to the three-family scenario. They’re out there, a working tool, probably closest to the original Land Rover heartland, but still relevant,” he said.

Land Rover has previously stated the necessity of the Defender to sell, indeed, it has to shift at least 70,000 units a year. And to do that, Land Rover will produce a number of different variants. “We need the Defender to wash its wash in terms of investment … So there will be opportunities for different sized vehicles … and I’d argue you need the iconic three-door there as well,” McGovern told CAR Magazine.

But, McGovern says the design won’t be retro and the new Defender won’t look anything like the DC100 concept. “I think the Defender was good for its time, but I think we’ve got to be quite radical.”

2017 Land Rover Defender

McGovern also hinted to CAR Magazine that he’d love to see Range Rovers that are low-slung cruisers “that are more on-road biased, but still have the ability through air suspension to get up there and do the things they’ve always done. It’s a pity I can’t show you anything, it’d make it much easier to explain…”

What do you think of the coming together of the Discovery and Range Rover families? Is it marketing leading the engineering department?


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  1. I’m excited! Tata ownership and good results from past investment is proving a bonanza for JLR. It’s great that they are doing new and updated models but I’d wish they’d do more regularly. One a year is just braking me slowly.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Adam. There’s suggestion, though, the Discovery Sport might be hampered sales wise given it won’t be immediately available with the new Ingenium range of engines. They’ll debut on the XE which probably makes sense given the Jaguar XE is taking on some heavy hitters in that premium mid-size market. And, the Evoque seems to manage alright with the same engines the Discovery Sport will use.

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