The all-new Kia Picanto has been teased overnight via three design sketches showing the front and back and interior.

THE NEW KIA Picanto will be revealed in early 2017, and has been teased overnight via a handful of design sketches. The new car marks the third-generation of the Picanto, one of Kia’s best performing models around the world.

In a short statement, Kia said: “The new Picanto combines a youthful and energetic new exterior and interior design with greater potential for customer personalization, inside and out. Retaining its characteristically compact dimensions, the new Picanto conveys a more assertive stance through bolder body lines and a vibrant colour palette.

all-new Kia Picanto teased

“Inside, the car’s suite of high-tech comfort, convenience and safety features is underscored by a modern and refined new cabin design, with smarter packaging efficiency than ever before.”

The new Picanto is a twin-under-the-skin with the Hyundai i10 and is likely to borrow that car’s engine range. Unlike the long drawn out reveal of the GT, the design sketches of the new Picanto leave little the imagination, with the Picanto’s interior, at least, looking like a very upmarket space with fewer buttons and a large touchscreen perching on top of the dashboard. We can expect a greater use of LED lighting and those who’ve seen camouflaged mules running around claim it’ll offer slightly more interior room than the current car.

all-new Kia Picanto teased


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