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New 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander revealed

New generation Mitsubishi Outlander a big upgrade for SUV buyers.

Mitsubishi has unveiled the new fourth-generation Outlander which is expected to be available in Australia later this year.

A leap ahead of the current model, the new Outlander looks more upmarket, with new materials, tech, and a new engine underneath.

The styling is much sharper and revised all-round, with a new ‘clamshell’ style roof over reworked body panels, up to 20-inch alloys, and LED lights.

Inside, the interior has been thrown out and redesigned, Mitsubishi moving on from the same theme it has had for years. We also see the brand’s introduction of a digital display screen for the driver, spanning the entire cowl area measuring 12.3-inches. This is complemented by a 9.0-inch touchscreen on the dash.

Materials inside include quilted leather, soft upper dash, suede in some models and inevitably fabric in the entry-level specification. There is wireless phone charging, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, numerous charging points, three-zone climate control and up to seven seats are still available.

For now, we’ve only heard of the new 2.5-litre petrol-engined model, with the plug-in hybrid PHEV model yet to be revealed. It produces 135kW, up 10kW over the old model, through a CVT with eight stepped gears, though no torque output has been specified.

The is connected to an all-wheel-drive system (or two-wheel drive on base models), with Mitsubishi S-AWC ‘super all-wheel control’ system for a variety of driving modes suited to gravel, sport, mud and the like. Ride and handling should see a drastic overhaul too, with a 33 per cent more rigid body thanks to new steel alloys and changes to the multi-link suspension setup. Importantly for an urban family car with seven seats, the new dual-pinion electric steering reduces the turning circle.

Overall, it measures 15mm longer than before and 51mm wider, and height is up by 38mm – meaning this is one big but not overly large SUV. With the new styling, it will certainly have a striking look when it lands on the road.

Mitsubishi Australia has not yet confirmed timing, but we expect a late (October) launch in Australia.

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Paul Sawtell
Paul Sawtell
2 years ago

Looks great.
Hopefully the PHEV will get 100km plus range and price will be at or less than current Outlander.
If so Mitsubishi will have a real winner

2 years ago

Looks like a Ssangyong . Hopefully has a full size spare still and improves ground clearance a little.

Last edited 2 years ago by David
Alex Rae

Alex Rae