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More details and specifications on the motorsport-ready Subaru WRX STis

Subaru have given us more details about their new competition-ready WRX STIs…

Yesterday Subaru announced they would be importing some motorsport-ready WRX STis,and there seemed to be a fair bit of interest from our readers.  So we’ve asked Subaru to tell us what they can:

The cars will be delivered as a base spec, and customers can choose what to do from there – whether to use Possum Bourne Motorsport to complete the setup or some other shop.  Ten cars will be imported, three have already been sold, and the first one is being built now. 

Subaru tell us there is “leeway for us to source more from Japan, depending on interest level”.   But when asked about the BRZ the response was “no plans”, which being optimistic, I think is better than “no chance”.   But there is a definite “no” for Subaru returning to rallying as a factory outfit.

A major difference between these STis and the ones you see at your local dealer is the engine – a 2.0 turbo boxer, 1994cc, good for 227kW @ 6400RPM and 422Nm @ 4400RPM.  The road STi has a 2.5L engine of the same configuration that makes 221 and 407. The specifications below tell us the comp model is a bit lighter (albeit as a base model with no cage or other equipment), and has lower gearing from second to sixth.   It is not clear if all the non-competition equipment like the stereo system will be pulled out of the car or not supplied, or what seats will be included.

These vehicles cannot be road-registered and are FIA-homologated to the new FIA NR4 specifications, but you can get them serviced at your local Subaru dealer.  I guess you just rock up with your car trailer and join the queue of Outbacks, Foresters and XVs then.  But don’t be thinking there’s a warranty, because there’s not.

Here’s the key specs we were able to get hold of, with a comparison to the road-going WRX STi:

    WRX STi VABA4FH WRX STi MY15 Difference
Engine Layout 2.0 turbo boxer 2.5 turbo boxer  
  Power 227kW @ 5400 RPM 221kW @ 6000 RPM 6
  Torque 422kW @ 4400RPM 407Nm @ 4000 RPM 15
  Kerb weight 1480 1525 -45
  Kg per kW 6.52 6.90 -0.38
Transmission Front LSD Helical Helical  
  Centre diff 41:59 f/r split 41:59 f/r split  
  Rear diff Not stated Torsen  
  SI-Drive 3-mode 3-mode  
  Centre diff control MMDCCD MMDCCD  
  Gears 6-manual 6-manual  
Gear ratios 1 3.636 3.636 0
  2 2.375 2.235 0.14
  3 1.761 1.59 0.171
  4 1.346 1.137 0.209
  5 1.062 0.891 0.171
  6 0.842 0.707 0.135
  Final drive 3.9 3.9 0
Ground clearance   140mm 135mm 5
Price   $38,000 $49,990 $11,990
Road legal   No Yes  

The title photo is of a current-model WRX STi, not necessarily the base model that we’ll soon see at Aussie motorsport events.

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8 years ago

Ugly, impractical hoons’ car.

8 years ago

They’re not road level, so you’re wrong, if you choose not see them then you never will.

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper