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Ironman 4X4 preview barwork for the 2015 Toyota Hilux

Ironman 4X4 has released early photos of the 2015 Toyota Hilux with prototype front and rear bars.

WHEN A NEW big-eight ute is released, the aftermarket like to get in early.   Here’s the 2015 Toyota Hilux showing off development versions of Ironman’s winch-capable bullbar, rear bar, siderails, brushbars and recovery points.

IMG_5046 IMG_5036 IMG_5022

Ironman have also completed development of their Foam Cell Pro suspension package.


  • Commercial Deluxe Bar (pictured) – $1295
  • Airbag compatible side steps and rails – $693
  • Rear protection tow bar – $1175

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darren mcgilton
darren mcgilton
8 years ago

Hi robert do you know if they have started developing stuff for new ranger&everest yet

Robert Pepper
8 years ago

A response direct from Ironman 4X4:

The Everest has not been released anywhere yet and the release will be
delayed by Ford till towards the end of the year. Ironman 4×4 cannot do
development without a vehicle.

The Ranger PX Mk 2 was released yesterday in Thailand, but they are not
for sale yet. The chassis is the same so the facelift will be fairly
quick to develop a bar for once it’s released for sale.

Ironman 4×4 will be getting one of the first of the new Ranger, Everest and
Fortuner once they have been released in Thailand and will also be one
of the first in the aftermarket to have a bar and other accessories
available for them after they’re released.

Robert Pepper
8 years ago
Reply to  Robert Pepper

Ford told us today Everest will be on sale from October.

Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper