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MG E-motion EV concept could go into production

MG harks back to its sports car roots with an electric twist.

MG HAS REVEALED its E-motion concept car which showcases modern design elements and promises of cutting edge technology underneath. It’s a far departure from the SUVs we’re currently receiving in Australia as part of the brands plans to grow its footprint Down Under.

At the front is a diamond pattern grille similar to those found on current Mercedes-Benz models and its LED lights are much the same as Mazda’s latest. The rear features more unique design elements and both front and rear are adorned with a round MG badge, which is a departure from the manufacturers iconic octagonal badge shape.

The overall design is striking, however, and it appears to be a direct competitor to Tesla in both design and spec.

The two-door four-seat coupe is an electric vehicle based on parent company SAIC’s new EV platform and according to MG features, “black technology only seen in science fiction films”.

That technology underneath is supposedly good enough to shuttle the MG e-Motion 0-100km/h in under 4.0sec (Lucid Air promises around 2.5sec) while providing a range of up to 500km on a single charge.

No further details have been released yet but SAIC claims the concept car could enter production in just 18 months.

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6 years ago

Stunning looks. If it is affordable it should sell boatloads.

Zebediah Greig
Zebediah Greig
6 years ago

I would buy one if these over most rivals in a heartbeat

Alex Rae

Alex Rae