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Audi previews EV crossover concept before unveil

Another concept car preview has been teased before its official unveil at the Shanghai motor show this week, this time a crossover electric vehicle from car maker Audi.

THE TEASER IMAGES and concept sketches show a sleek sportback which would sit, in size, underneath Audi’s upcoming production electric line E-Tron quattro SUV, which is scheduled to arrive next year. It’s not known yet if this concept is an EV or PHEV, however, the lack of exhaust pipes and futuristic look suggest it is probably the former.

The preview images show some similar Audi design cues such as an aggressive alloy wheel design and familiar rear light assembly although the front grill is a departure from the design language used in Audi’s current lineup. Most unique is the LED front badge which glows (and looks very Tron).

Given Audi’s larger and upcoming E-Tron SUV has gone into production to compete against the Tesla Model X, it’s probable, if the SUV is successful, that we’ll see something similar to this concept crossover reach production as the EV segment heats up. The battery in the larger SUV is expected to deliver around 500km of range per charge, so, we’d expect a small crossover with similar tech to deliver range similar to that of conventional petrol powered variants and further closing the gap between the two energy technologies.

Before we do see the smaller Audi crossover hit the streets the German manufacturer will be busy producing its electric compact and electric sports car, which will compete in a segment similar to the BMW i3.

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Alex Rae

Alex Rae