Tribute to Maserati’s early competition history and Fangio offered in two colour choices.

Marking ninety-five years since the first race car to bear the Maserati trident badge made its debut, along with Maserati’s post-war achievements in Formula One with Juan Manuel Fangio, an ‘F Tributo Special Edition’ Ghibli sedan is about to be released.

Available on the Levante SUV as well as the Ghibli sedan, the F Tributo Special Edition offers what Maserati describes as a “clear homage to the glorious victories of the past”. 

Those glorious victories started in 1926, when a Maserati Tipo26 won the Targa Florio with Alfieri Maserati at the wheel.

Maserati create ‘F Tributo’ Ghibli special edition

After World War II, Maserati re-emerged and established itself as a force in the early years of Formula 1, most notably with Juan Manuel Fangio, to whom the ‘F’ in the F Tributo Special Edition refers to. In 1957, Fangio won his fifth and final F1 World Championship with Maserati after already making a mark on F1 that endures to this day.

Maserati create ‘F Tributo’ Ghibli special edition

On the Ghibli, the F Tributo Special Edition offers no mechanical or chassis updates, instead presenting specific colours and finishes. Two exterior colour options are offered – Rosso Tributo and Azzurro Tributo (Tribute Red and Tribute Blue).

The red references Italy’s national racing colour, while the blue acknowledges one of the two colours in the flag of the City of Modena, Maserati’s historic home. Yellow, the other colour of the Modena flag, is used for detailing and also references the red-and-yellow livery of Fangio’s Maserati 250F F1 car.

Maserati create ‘F Tributo’ Ghibli special edition

On the Ghibli F Tributo, yellow features on the 21-inch Anteo wheels and brake calipers, regardless of whether Rosso Tributo or Azzurro Tributo is selected.

Subtle F Tributo identification features on the front guards, with a body-coloured Maserati badge ion the C-pillar.

Maserati create ‘F Tributo’ Ghibli special edition

Inside the F Tributo Special Edition, black full-grain ‘Pieno Fiore’ leather trim is standard, available with either red or yellow contrast stitching.

Build numbers for the Ghibli F Tributo had not been revealed at time of writing, but Australia has been confirmed for the special edition, with deliveries expected from June


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