No, this isn’t April Fools. Jaguar Land Rover has announced a project to develop autonomous cars capable of off-road driving in any weather condition.

CAR MAKERS ARE racing ahead with their autonomous driving tech and now Jaguar Land Rover has announced its ‘CORTEX’ project which aims to develop autonomous cars capable of all-terrain, off-road driving on dirt, in rain, ice, snow or fog.

To make this a reality, the car maker said it was developing a ‘5D’ technique that combines acoustic, video, radar, light detection and distance sensing (LiDAR) data live in real-time. JLR said that this technology will improve the awareness of the environment the car is in. “Machine-learning enables the self-driving car to behave in an increasingly sophisticated way, allowing it to handle any weather condition on any terrain,” JLR said.

Chris Holmes, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Research Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “It’s important that we develop our self-driving vehicles with the same capability and performance customers expect from all Jaguars and Land Rovers. Self-driving is an inevitability for the automotive industry and ensuring that our autonomous offering is the most enjoyable, capable and safe is what drives us to explore the boundaries of innovation. CORTEX gives us the opportunity to work with some fantastic partners whose expertise will help us realise this vision in the near future.”

So, it seems like it won’t be long before your next off-road adventure will be had without you having to do a single thing. Not sure that sounds like fun?


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