The Land Rover Heritage Driving Experience is now open for business, giving punters the chance to drive everything from the Series I onwards.

ALWAYS WANTED TO drive a Series I Land Rover? Well, now you can. The Land Rover Heritage Driving Experience is now open at Fen End, West Midlands, UK. Sure, Aussie visitors will have to get over the Old Blighty first, but once you’re there you’ll get your pick of Land Rovers, like the Series I from 1948 through “to famous military vehicles such as the 101 Forward Control transporter and the iconic classic Range Rover on and off-road at a new customer facility in the heart of the UK”.

Land Rover will have professional instructors to provide direction, “interesting facts and anecdotes to ensure visitors get the most pleasure and excitement from their time on the circuit or on the new off-road track.”

Example Land Rover Heritage Experience packages include:

The Series I, II and III Vs Modern Defender (£85)

Drive a Series I, II or III, followed by today’s vehicle they became – the Defender.  See how Land Rover’s DNA has passed from generation to generation.

Land Rover Historic Drives (£90)

Drive the vehicles that started the legend, both on and off-road, choose from an original Series I Land Rover, a classic Range Rover or a more unusual creation – the 101 Forward Control – a transporter designed for the British Army.

Range Rover Then & Now (£125)

Compare the classic Range Rover with its 2015 off-spring, both on and off-road.  Time behind the wheel includes a track induction for a higher speed experience, and time off-road putting both cars through their all-terrain paces. 

Land Rover – The Collection (£250)

The full Land Rover Experience incorporates all the key models in the brand’s history from the 1940s right up to the 2010s, including the Series Land Rovers, special military vehicles, collectible expedition-prepared vehicles and the modern line-up from Defender to Range Rover. 


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