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Kia Carnival scores 5 star ANCAP rating in retest

The Kia Carnival has been retested by ANCAP and had its rating lifted from four to five stars, although it only applies to vehicles built after December 23, 2015.

THE KIA CARNIVAL has been awarded a five star ANCAP rating after being retested earlier this year. It had originally scored a four-star rating, a score that shocked Kia after it had predicted a five-star rating. The poor performance in the frontal offset crash test was the reason for the four star rating.

However, to the Korean car makers credit, the brand committed to rectifying the crash test result and reengineering on newer built cars took place. Kia Australia boss, Damien Meredith, described the recent result as being “very satisfying”. Subsequently, the frontal offset crash test result increased from 10.48 to 14.29 out of 16 points.

“At the time of the original test it is fair to say that we were disappointed, but safety is a non-negotiable for Kia and the determination of all involved to retain Kia Motors Australia’s record of an all five-star model line-up was admirable,” Mr Meredith said.

According to ANCAP, the Kia Carnival is the first vehicle to meet ANCAP requirements to be awarded a 2016 date stamped ANCAP safety rating.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober