75 years after the Jeep went to war in 1941, the Jeep Wrangler is on the cusp of being drafted back into service via Hendrick Dynamics and BAE Systems.

THE JEEP WRANGLER is about to go back to war. With the US Army putting out a call for an ultra-light vehicle to support its Global Response Force, Hendrick Dynamics and BAE Systems have been working together to develop a military-spec Jeep Wrangler. Why the Wrangler? Simple, the US Army asked for submissions via off-the-shelf vehicles.

Jeep Wrangler to go back to war

Unveiled late in 2015, the Jeep Ground Mobility Vehicle has already been put to the test in combat zones around the world with testing being carried out by the US Army for the last two years. According to Hendrick Dynamics, “the latest Jeep GMV prototype is a tactically-prepared commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) vehicle, leveraging large-scale automotive production exceeding 200,000 units annually, and competitive multi-source supply chains to significantly reduce acquisition and sustainment costs. The Jeep GMV further reduces operational burden by utilizing on-board diagnostics in conjunction with pre-existing service information and parts supply networks spanning 100 countries”.

Jeep Wrangler to go back to war

“The Jeep is capable, in just the last two years they’ve successfully deployed in combat and completed the Army’s GMV performance demonstration,” said Marshall Carlson, Hendrick Dynamics General Manager. “With the support of BAE Systems, we share a vision to provide the fully capable GMV platform at a much-lower acquisition and sustainment cost than our competition.”

“Hendrick Dynamics has taken an innovative, but solid approach in creating this COTS GMV platform, that we believe will provide the Army with the low-cost, expeditionary capability that is needed to achieve their Force 2025 objectives.” said Mark Signorelli, Vice President and General Manager of Combat Vehicles at BAE Systems.

Jeep Wrangler to go back to war

Hendrick Dynamics and BAE Systems have also sought the involvement of Ultra Armoring which already services contracts with the US Marine Corps and US Special Operations Command.

There are other countries and companies competing for the US Government contract, with Israel’s Automotive Industries throwing its Wrangler-based Storm into the mix. This vehicle has been used by the Israeli Army, and others, since the 1980s.

Jeep Wrangler to go back to war

Called the Hendrick Commando, Hendrick Dynamics has apparently already sent 14 prototypes to the US Army, two-door models based on the standard Wrangler, four-door models based on the Wrangler Unlimited and even ute-based versions… The 3.6-litre V6 has been ditched in favour of a 2.8-litre turbo-diesel that can be run on any type of diesel as well as jet fuel… Vehicles used by the US Army must meet its strict single-fuel policy.


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