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Jeep teases two new Wrangler concepts… could one be Hellcat powered?

Jeep and Mopar have teased two new concepts for the upcoming 50th annual Easter Jeep Safari at Moab, And… There might be a surprise.

JEEP AND MOPAR have teased two new concepts for the annual Easter Jeep Safari at Moab in Utah, USA. The festival runs from March 19-27 and Jeep routinely shows off one or two concepts. This year it’s teased the Jeep Wrangler Trailcat and Jeep Crew Chief (see below), which are expected to be one of seven new concepts.

The Jeep/Mopar concepts are usually built with off-the-shelf parts from the Mopar catalogue, or they’re used to launch new gear. Jeep is keeping details under wraps for now, but says it’ll release full details and images ahead of the Easter Jeep Safari. 

But there might be a surprise.

Look closely at the image above and you’ll notice the name is Trailcat and there are numerous scoops and sculpting to the bonnet. Could this mean Jeep has shoehorned a Hellcat engine into the Wrangler? Maybe, see, we already know it’s releasing a 6.2-litre V8-toting Grand Cherokee next year (2017). Stay tuned.

The Jeep “Crew Chief” is one of seven new concepts Jeep has

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober