The quirky looking Jeep Cherokee will keep its ‘radical’ look when it’s refreshed in 2016, according to Jeep brand boss Mike Manley.

JEEP BRAND HEAD, Mike Manley has told US-based Automotive News (subscription required) that the Cherokee will retain its new look when it’s refreshed in mid-2016. It seems, that rather then mess with the way the thing looks the brand will concentrate on ironing out its ‘quality’ issues.

“I think the overall styling, the overall shape, the overall accommodation of that vehicle is spot on. I don’t think that there’s anything that dramatically needs to change with that vehicle going forward,” Manley told Automotive News.

A strong seller for Jeep, the Cherokee’s arrival in 2013 which saw it depart from Jeep’s traditional boxy design, hasn’t been smooth sailing with its nine-speed transmission causing headaches for both the brand and owners.

“We’ve made significant progress on Cherokee in terms of the transmission,” Manley said, “and we are going to continue to look to make quality improvements wherever we can.”

Do you own a Cherokee and have you had problems with it? Were they resolved easily? Let us know by leaving a comment or sending us an email.


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  1. I have this vehicle since last september and have done 16000km with it. I found that as long as you are adapt to the transmission, it shifts very well. I do found that when other persons are driving my car, there are abrupt shiftings.

    1. Thanks for that, Weijia. When we tested the Cherokee, we found there were differences between the different engine types and how they handled the nine-speed transmission. And you’re right, a lot of ‘new’ transmissions do need to be actively driven and not just blindly used in a foot-to-the-floor manner.

      1. I have a 2014 Cherokee Limited, this transmission has been a nightmare, 3
        valve bodies, harness, then dealer installed new/latest model
        transmission/torque converter, multiple relearn shifts, ECM computer for
        transmission, and its going back in for another #4 valvebody, dealer
        ordered. This is the 12th visit to dealer (15,000 mi.) current problem
        is 2nd gear starts/binding 2-3 shift/etc.. Finally Chrysler is buying
        the vehicle back first week of December 2015.

        We love the vehicle and its technology package, I just wish they could
        fix the 9 speed trans issues! Maybe Chrysler engineers with reverse
        engineer this one and find the problem, must be the outsourcing of parts

  2. I have a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited. I really like it. It’s a fun car to drive. And loads of kit for your money. But it has lots of problems.

    It’s fitted with the panoramic sunroof option. When closed the glass panels make a popping sound. The glass panels are also not flush all around and are lower or higher in some places than the roofline. The fix according to the dealership? Panaramic roof from bolts need to be retorqued which will require the removal of the interior roof trim. Something tells me it won’t be the same if they have to repair it that way.

    Also, the rear tailgate is not fitted flush. Even the rear passenger doors have issues with door trims sticking out! And then theres the ZF nine speed automatic transmission which according to the dealership is intelligent and learns your driving style by about the 3k mark. Nope. Nope nope nope. It’s still clunky after 12k on the clock.

    Jeep have a long way to go with quality control. A real long way. This unfortunately, will be the last Jeep I buy. The dealership where I bought the vehicle really don’t care. My only guess is that they think I’m being picky because I traded in a 2009 Audi A5 coupe for the Cherokee. I don’t think I’m being picky. I just think that a company like Jeep have been around long enough to know how to install a tailgate flush and have people on the production line who know exactly what torque specifications are required for a panoramic roof frame bolt.

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