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Jaguar E-Type Unleashed is a hot and pricey restomod

Original Jaguar E-Type is reborn with a worked V12 engine and updated tech.

British restoration workshop E-Type UK has shown off its latest creation, the ‘Unleashed’ E-Type. Using an original Series 3 E-Type as the donor for a restomod, E-Type UK has endowed the machine with a tuned V12 engine and much more modern equipment, though it does cost a whopping £325,000 (AUD$595,000) and that’s not including a donor vehicle.

The key highlight is a modified V12 engine, bored out from 5.3-litre capacity to 6.1L and producing almost 300kW of power through a five-speed manual transmission. Additions include 12-branch ceramic coated stainless steel exhaust manifolds, upgraded electronic fuel injection, a larger aluminium radiator, new oil cooler with electric cooling fans, and a lighter flywheel.

Ride and handling have also had a tweak with new springs, shock absorbers and roll bars, new discs and four-piston calipers, plus the old chassis is strengthened to increase rigidity.

Inside the cabin are heated leather seats, new piano black trim elements, new gauges in the dash and a new stereo system, though the classic feel of the dash and design is familiar.

While a beautiful restomod, the almost $600k price plus the cost of a donor car is approaching seven figures.

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Ben Tate
Ben Tate
2 years ago

It makes the 420kw V8 F Type look like a bargain.

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