The future is arriving very quickly with Nissan revealing its brain-to-vehicle technology that allows you to control your car with your mind… sort of.

NISSAN HAS REVEALED its brain-to-vehicle (B2V) technology at the CES 2018 trade show in Las Vegas, “that will enable vehicles to interpret signals from the driver’s brain, redefining how people interact with their cars”.

Nissan brain-to-vehicle technology released at CES

“When most people think about autonomous driving, they have a very impersonal vision of the future, where humans relinquish control to the machines. Yet B2V technology does the opposite, by using signals from their own brain to make the drive even more exciting and enjoyable,” said Nissan Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci.

“Through Nissan Intelligent Mobility, we are moving people to a better world by delivering more autonomy, more electrification and more connectivity.”

Nissan brain-to-vehicle technology released at CES

B2V will enable drivers to control their vehicle like a Jedi (sort of) and both predict an action and detect discomfort behind the wheel. The detail is a little sketchy, but Nissan claims B2V can predict an action by monitoring the driver’s brain with autonomous systems on the vehicle reacting 0-2-0.5 seconds faster than the driver and can handle actions like slowing the vehicle or turning the steering wheel.

Question: Is this a case of Big Data getting bigger, or do you think this is actually a useful development?


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