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Infiniti announces vehicle recall in Australia

Nissan Australia is recalling Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, M35h and Q70 Hybrid for software and manufacturing defects

NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY (Australia) has announced a product recall for the Infiniti Q50, M35h and Q70 vehicles involving around 100 vehicles nationally. Nissan Motor Co. Australia has informed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that it’s recalling the current-generation Infiniti Q50h, M35h and Q70h (VIN Range: JN1BA*V37A0320003 – JN1BA*V37A0330018) because of a transmission casting issue, which Nissan has said means “there may be a crack in the automatic transmission case of some vehicles”.

According to Nissan Australia, “If the defect occurs and vehicle is driven at high speed (140km/h-plus) there is potential for the crack to grow. In an extreme case, the transmission may detach from its mounting, posing an accident hazard to the driver and other road users”. No Australian road user should be driving at 140km/h-plus, so Nissan is advising owners of these vehicles (there are 20 affected hybrid vehicles) to contact their local Infiniti dealer.

Nissan Australia is also recalling 62 Q50, M35h and Q70 Hybrids (V37 Q50 Hybrid VIN: JN1BA*V37A0320003 – JN1BA*V37A0330021; V37 M35h/Q70 Hybrid VIN: JN1BEAY51A0150004 – JN1BEAY51A0170005) because of a software issue that could see the vehicle “gradually accelerate regardless of accelerator pedal action. However, the driver can decelerate the vehicle as normal by applying the brakes”.

Around 39 examples of Q50 Hybrid (VIN Range: JN1BA*V37A0320003 – JN1BA*V37A0330018) are also being recalled due to a software issue that might see the inverter system, when driving in full-EV mode, to shut down. “If the defect occurs, under certain conditions when driving in EV mode only (petrol engine off), power to the motor may be cut, posing an accident hazard to the driver and other road users,” Nissan said.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober