Hyundai has shown off its autonomous vehicle tech and a wireless charging concept that it expects to have up and running around 2025.

Hyundai has revealed a video demonstrating its wireless electric vehicle charging concept and an Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS).

According to Hyundai, the two systems work hand in hand with the owner able to tell the vehicle to find and drive to a nearby wireless station and begin charging.

“It relocates fully charged vehicles from charging stations and allow other awaiting electric vehicles to charge,” Hyundai said.

In a statement accompanying the video, Hyundai said, “Upon commanding the vehicle to charge using a smartphone, the vehicle will automatically cruise to a vacant wireless charging station. When the vehicle is fully charged, it will relocate to another vacant parking space using the Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS), allowing other vehicles to charge at the spot. When the driver calls for the vehicle, it will then autonomously return to the location of the driver”.

Hyundai expects to commercialise this gadgetry with the launch of Level 4 autonomous vehicles sometime around 2025. It’s hoping to have fully autonomous vehicles operational by 2030.


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