The performance Hyundai N brand will expand its offerings beyond N models, offering performance parts to the entire Hyundai line-up.

LIKE FANICED European performance brands (think, BMW M, AMG, etc), the Hyundai N brand has announced it will “diversify its N Brand Product Portfolio” beyond just “High-Performance N models”. The N brand will now provide go-faster bits for the entire Hyundai range as well as N Line vehicles which you can imagine will be a half-way house between standard car and full-house N models.

Announcing the brand’s strategy, Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and head of the High-Performance Vehicle & Motorsport Division, said “I am thrilled to share our vision for the Brand…We will continue to diversify our products and tailor them to the unique needs and experiences of each customer, so that every Hyundai vehicle provides a fun-to-drive experience throughout everyday life.”

Elaborating on the high-performance division, Schemera said: “Our motorsports vehicles will spearhead the N Brand at the apex of the brand’s hierarchy. Not to mention that the valuable experience and technology derived from our success in motorsports will cascade down to all the future N products.”

Question: What would you like to see get the N treatment next?


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