The Hyundai Creta, the company’s first sub-compact SUV will launch in India first in late-2015, although whether the CX-3-sized SUV will make it to Australia remains to be seen.

OVERNIGHT HYUNDAI announced it would build its first-ever sub-compact SUV, the Hyundai Creta. While Hyundai says the name is “primarily from the name for Crete, the largest of the Greek islands. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Crete was the focal point for Greece’s global prowess in trade and culture, in its heyday connecting Europe, Asia and Africa”. Er, okay, and it gets better.

“Consistent with the core concepts underpinning Hyundai Motor’s Modern Premium brand direction – SIMPLE, CREATIVE, CARING – the ‘Creta’ name is simple and easy to remember. Pronunciation of Creta deliberately evokes welcome similarities with the term ‘creative’, and draws on positive associations with the Mediterranean island of Crete, which is famed for combining a relaxed and tranquil environment with a vibrant, energetic approach to outdoor activities.”

A global car, meaning it will be built in left- and right-hand drive, the Creta will launch first in India where it’s likely to be built alongside the new i20. Despite being a global model, whether it will come to Australia is unknown. For instance, despite the all-new i20 being built in India, Australia continues to source and sell the old model due to the Indian-built, all-new model having some “different specifications that aren’t suitable for us,” according to Hyundai’s PR boss, Bill Thomas.

Hyundai Creta SUV to launch in late-2015
Pictured: Hyundai ix25 – Chinese market only.

While Hyundai hasn’t released anymore details, we do know the Creta will be based on the Hyundai ix25 sold exclusively in China (pictured above) and will likely measure 4.27 metres long. There are hints the Creta will share engines with the Hyundai Accent (Verna) which are 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines (petrol-only on the Australian-spec Accent), there’s also a rumour the entry-level model will run a 1.4-litre diesel engine.

With the strength of the SUV market in Australia and around the world, Hyundai locally would be hoping for a new model at the tiddler end of the segment, especially given the new ix35 (launching soon) will get bigger than the current model, leaving a significant gap for Honda’s HR-V and Mazda’s CX-3. Stay tuned.


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