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Hyundai announces Apple Car Play connectivity for more models

Hyundai has announced Apple Car Play connectivity is now available on Hyundai Accent, iMax Series II and iLoad Series II.

HYUNDAI HAS TODAY announced Apple Car Play is now available on the entire Accent range, iMax Series II and iLoad Series II vehicles. The integration of Apple Car Play into Hyundai’s infotainment and communication system now offers owners of an iPhone a native environment in which to access selected apps and phone functionality, including including hands-free phone calls, messaging and dictation – music, and more.

“Importantly, for existing iMax Series II and iLoad Series II owners, Apple CarPlay compatibility can now be easily applied via a software upgrade. Taking just 15 minutes, the upgrade is carried out free of charge at Hyundai dealerships,” Hyundai announced.

“The beauty of Apple CarPlay is that it is powered by your iPhone, it is dynamic and connected and therefore, easily updated,” says Senior Manager Product Planning, Andrew Tuitahi.

“When Apple improves these systems, by tweaking performance, adding functionality, or enabling new apps, they will immediately be available in your vehicle.

“Apple has created a protocol that allows Hyundai to give drivers safe, efficient in-car access to their iPhone’s ecosystem.”

Hyundai said owners should contact Hyundai Customer Care on 1800 186 306 to enquire about their vehicle’s compatibility.

The Korean car marker said those owners using Android devices will be able to integrate Google Now, but that Google’s Android Auto would supersede this functionality when it’s rolled out in “Hyundai vehicles later this year”.

Hyundai models and variants available with Apple Car Play:




All Variants

i30 Series II

Active / ActiveX / SR


All Variants


Active / ActiveX

Santa Fe Series II


iMax Series II

All Variants

iLoad Series II

All Variants

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober