Harry Metcalfe has teamed up with Silverstone Auctions in a video to explain how to buy a Porsche 911…

IF YOU’RE IN THE market for a classic Porsche 911, and aren’t well all, dahling, then this video from Harry Metcalfe of evo and Harry’s Garage fame is a must-see. In the video, Metcalfe crawls all over a 1972 2.4 S and 1991 964 RS, which are part of an upcoming Silverstone auction.

How to buy a Porsche 911

Focussing first on the 1972 Porsche 911 2.4 S, Metcalfe walks viewers around the car, looking at tell-tell signs of originality and even how to age the car by its oil filler cover. As probably the best example of its type on the market right now, Metcalfe doesn’t uncover any issues – but points out the importance of original paint and where to spot ‘hidden’ repairs.

With an estimated auction price of almost $200,000, Metcalfe explains why this original and unmolested example, complete with extensive history and provenance, is a perfect collector’s piece for any enthusiast. At the other end of the spectrum, he turns his focus to a 1991 Porsche 964 RS N/GT. This 1991 example, according to Silverstone Auctions, was one of the first cars off the production line as the first-ever N/GT (Clubsport) car made.

How to buy a Porsche 911

“Marked out by its roll cage, racing bucket seats and omitted ‘creature comforts’ such as air-conditioning and carpets the car has had a very interesting history, being gifted to Porsche-only endurance racing driver Ulrich Richter. Metcalfe tells the story of this very special car while also looking at ways to check its originality,” Silverstone Auctions said.


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