Honda Australia has asserted its position of providing quality, reliable vehicles with a locally funded increase to its warranty program.

ON THE BACK OF a bevvy of new models – Civic, Civic Type R and CR-V – Honda has continued its strategy of regaining some brand image with a better warranty program that stands above Japanese rivals.

The new warranty takes effect from July 1 2017 and applies to all new and demonstrator vehicles sold. The warranty has increased from 3 years/100,000km to 5 years/unlimited kilometres, although Honda Australia’s commercial vehicle warranty covers a limited 5 years/140,0000km. Honda’s existing 6 year rust perforation warranty and a 3 year paint warranty carry over.

The program, although supported in theory by Honda Japan, is locally funded by Honda Australia and management believe it will further enhance the brand’s image and perception Down Under.

Customer and communications manager, Scott McGregor said the move, in conjunction with a strong new model lineup, will regain some of Honda’s mojo:  “We’re getting our mojo back,” he said during a conference call.

“We see it as an important part of our brand evolution… and especially to younger customers who are new to the Honda brand.

“Given our history of quality and reliability, this is something we can stand a behind compared to our Japanese competitors”.

Indeed, the warranty leads the market compared to other Japanese manufacturers who at best, offer either 5 years/100,000km (Mitsubishi) or 3 years/unlimited kilometres (Mazda). However, compared to Korean rivals not far from shore, it only equals Hyundai and doesn’t beat Kia’s impressive 7 years/unlimited.

How they compare:

Honda 5 years/unlimited

Mitsubishi 5 years/100,000km,

Toyota 3 years/100,000km

Mazda 3 years/unlimited

Nissan 3 years/100,000km

Suzuki 3 years/100,00km

Kia 7 years/unlimited

Hyundai 5 years/unlimited

Honda Australia director, Stephen Collins added that the improved warranty will increase the perceived value of Honda’s vehicles: “Given the quality of Honda vehicles, they can sometimes be perceived as more expensive, when this is simply not the case. We encourage new car buyers to take a look at our pricing, our ownership costs and our new 5-year warranty against the competition. Honda is very competitive.

“Our new 5-year, unlimited kilometre Honda warranty, combined with Honda Tailored Servicing, reinforces Honda as a superior ownership proposition ahead of some key rivals,” he added.

Honda buyers who purchased a vehicle prior to July 1 miss out, however Collins said that Honda had been running a number of deals to include better warranty during June: “Most of our vehicles in June had offers and had extended warranty anyway. We think we’ve got to draw a line in the sand somewhere and July 1 is it,” he said.


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