Gordon Murray’s latest three-seat supercar project makes its first public appearance to a crowd of enthusiasts.

Gordon Murray’s screaming T.50 supercar has made its public debut at the 78th Goodwood Member’s Meeting, with Scottish racing car driver Dario Franchitti at the wheel.

We’ve already seen Franchetti in the box seat during testing, but this is the first time the car has been driven with an (albeit exclusive) public crowd.

The biggest mechanical difference between George the prototype mule and this final production car is that the early prototype was without the T50’s trademark downforce-enhancing fan technology. Inspired by the device used by Brabham’s 1978 F1 race car, this essentially creates a ‘virtual long tail’ when the car is running at high speeds, improving stability.

The prototype also had a two-seat cabin, whereas this features a three-seat layout.

What stands out most though is the howling 3.9-litre Cosworth V12 revving to a 12,100rpm ceiling. It produces 488kW and 467Nm which makes a tremendous noise given the lack of induction or hybrid technology. However, the over $3 million price tag will be the deciding factor for many.


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