This Lego Land Rover Discovery 3 must hit 10,000 votes before Lego will consider entering it into production…

LEGO GIVES TALENTED builders the opportunity to have their creations built, and the automotive space is booming on the Lego Ideas site. This is where builders submit their creations hoping to garner enough support to have their project turned into a saleable product by Lego.

And this Land Rover Discovery 3 is one we stumbled across this morning while checking out the latest creations. Take a look at the pictures and I’m sure you’ll agree the level of details is simply stunning.

The project builder, chapchuk6839 doesn’t give too much away but does say the Lego Discovery 3 could be motorised and have working lights easily enough. He’s got to get 10,000 votes before its eligible for approval by Lego – we’ve just cast our vote.

Then there’s this Jeep Wrangler which is also very impressive. Just look at the way the builder managed to get the curved bonnet to match up with angled wheel arch rails. See it HERE.


There are more and, if you’ve got the time you should have a look around the site and search out some of your favourite cars to see if anyone’s built one out of Lego.


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