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Ford releases Snowkhana 4: Ho Ho Hokhana [video]

Ford has released the latest instalment of its stop-motion Snowkhana series, Snowkhana 4, which also sees a ‘real-life’ Santa Claus pilot a Focus RS…

FORD HAS RELEASED Snowkhana 4: Ho Ho Hokhana as we enter the final few days before Christmas. A nod to Ken Block’s viral videos, it features stop-motion animation and touches on everything from Star Wars to Jean-Claude VanDamme’s death defying truck splits (which, if you’re one of only two people left on earth who haven’t seen it, is below), via Buzz Lightyear…

In a twist, though, this year’s video also features a ‘real-life’ Santa Claus drifting a Focus RS while being chased by the police… Watch the video.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober