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Ford Ranger Raptor testing in New Zealand…

Ford Australia has released a video of the Ranger Raptor tearing across the countryside in New Zealand looking like a whole heap of fun…will the keyboard warriors leap to scream at it?

THE FORD RANGER RAPTOR is coming soon and to maintain the hype Ford recently released a video of it tearing across the countryside in New Zealand at breakneck speed. In the video the Ranger Raptor looks to be taking the ups and downs in its stride.

While Aussie keyboard warriors have moaned about the output of the vehicle’s twin-turbo diesel engine we reckon they’re missing the point of the thing. See, the Ranger Raptor, despite the fact it’ll likely be bought by lappers, isn’t aimed at lappers. It’s aimed at those who like to get out into the back of beyond with a vehicle designed from scratch to conquer the rough at speed.

The US media is getting behind a campaign to get the Ranger Raptor sold there and, guess what, not a single one of those outlets is complaining about the engine. The Ford Ranger we get will be sold in the US but it’s unknown whether the Ranger Raptor will be sold in that country.

So, sit back and enjoy the video.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober