Ford Racing reveals a one-off 2015 Ford Mustang King Cobra for SEMA that nails the quarter-mile in 10.97 seconds. And you can build it…

Ford Racing has plundered its parts catalogue to build a one-off 2015 Ford Mustang ‘King Cobra’ capable of a 10.97-second quarter-mile. It was revealed at the SEMA show in Las Vegas yesterday.

According to Ford Racing, the ‘King Cobra’ was built as a street-and-drag strip car and can ben replicated “by any Mustang owner with the help of Ford Racing’s extensive parts catalogue”. We’re not sure whether Australian owners will be able to buy from the Ford Racing catalogue without voiding their warranty.

It gets Ford Racing’s ‘Drag Pack’, ‘Handling Pack’ and ‘Super Pack’ supercharger kit which helps the King Cobra to punch out 600-plus horsepower.

The Drag Pack includes heavy-duty half shafts, and a rear sub-frame kit with pre-installed high-performance bushings to improve traction and put optimum power to the ground under hard acceleration.

The Handling Pack lowers the car approximately one inch with front and rear lowering springs – the front springs on pre-assembled struts. The Handling Pack also includes rear shocks and a stabilizer bar kit.

The key component of the Super Pack is a 2.3L Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger assembly, co-developed and co-branded by Ford Racing and ROUSH Performance. Accompanying the supercharger is a six-rib belt drive system, intake manifold, electronic throttle body, air inlet system, fuel rail and high-flow fuel injectors, complete air-to-liquid intercooler system and the Ford Racing performance computer calibration.

2015 Ford Mustang King Cobra

“At Ford Racing, we like to push cars to their absolute limit,” said Jamie Allison, director, Ford Racing.  “This is something we have been doing for 113 years and why we were so excited to get our hands on the all-new, 2015 Mustang.

“We wanted Mustang enthusiasts to be able to open up the Ford Racing parts catalog and get one of everything and see what they could get.  We think the King Cobra package is it.  But none of this great work would be possible if Team Mustang had not built the best production Mustang yet.”

Why King Cobra? It’s a name that’s been connected with Ford or Ford parts since the 1960s when Carroll Shelby, in 1963, used 289-cubic-inch Ford V8 engines for the Cooper Monaco sports racing cars he built. The name cropped up again in 1970 for an aerodynamic prototype NASCAR stock car, based on the Ford Torino which never raced. The most well-known King Cobra was an option package that could be equipped to a 1978 Mustang II. Most Australians will recognise the connection between Ford and Cobra from the limited-edition Ford Falcon Cobra released in 1978 – it was based on an XC Hardtop.


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