The Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ was released in 2012, so it’s due an update. Could this be the 2017 Toyota 86?

Over at a few photos of what appears to be new-ish look 86/BRZ have been posted.  There doesn’t seem to be much difference, just a new air intake at the front and slightly restyled rear.  To help comparsion there’s photos of my 2012 model 86.

Toyota GT86 1


The headlights look identical, as do the dimensions and fit of the front bumper.  These new models have a sharkfin antenna which was added to the version on sale now some time ago.

At the back there’s a new spoiler, and again current models already have a spoiler.

Toyota GT86 12


Looking at the side it seems that this is likely to be a BRZ as it the 86 and FR-S have the characteristic 86-boxer logo ahead of the wingmirror.   This car is also wearing the standard 17×7 rims, although those are easily swapped out. 

Toyota GT86 6


After nearly four years on the market any car would be due for more than a minor facelift, and this particularly applies to affordable sportscars.  But what to do?  Well, nobody has any problem with the 86/BRZ/FR-S’s handling, pricing or practicality.  What the car needs is a little more power, and updates such as more modern interior as well as better equipment – maybe a few more safety aids, updated infotainment unit and the like. 

If, and it is an “if” the car above is indeed a facelift then it is very minor external update, and that indicates there’s no more power as usually the manufacturer would throw in a bit more of a styling change.  More power may also mean a change to slightly wider wheels and grippier tyres, and it seems that both are the same as the current model.  Or could be the development mule is just trying to keep a lowish profile.

On a wider perspective there has been conjecture over whether the vehicle would be discontinued.  This is unlikely, as it has been a sales success worldwide, particularly in its third-largest market of Australia.  The 86 also serves as a halo car, making Toyota cool again so has a value greater than its sales figures would suggest.  It is also a new platform, with plenty of life in it yet.  So with all that considered it is very likely there will be improvements and updates – we don’t know if the photos above show the next model, but watch this space and we’ll bring you news soon as we have it.

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  1. An updated exterior and interior will provide an increase in current sales, but there is no doubt that a significant increase in power is the main answer for a greater improvement in sales.
    Is it possible that there will be a non-turbo model and a turbo model?? This would be a sensible approach, thereby appeasing both the purist and the power hungry.
    I don’t understand why Toyota/Subaru have been reluctant to provide a powerful turbo model, whilst with the prestige manufacturers there are no issues with placing numerous engines in their coupes.

    1. Subaru are worried a turbo BRZ would kill off WRX sales – no explanation for Toyota though as they have no sporty rival to compete with the 86.

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