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Diesel power: VW Golf GTD gets clean diesel donk

The first performance variant of VW’s popular Golf range will be revealed in a few week’s time at the Geneva Motor Show.

VW WILL POWER on into the decade with diesel, teasing the first of its upcoming eighth-generation VW Golf performance models, the GTD.

The popular European model which wasn’t sold here in previous-generation guise will introduce an even more powerful diesel engine that VW says is “one of the cleanest combustion engines in the world.”

Underpinning the turbo-diesel powerplant’s NOx and CO2 reduced emissions bill is a twin-dosing AdBlue injection system in the dual catalytic converter setup on the exhaust. VW claims “NOx emissions will be greatly reduced as compared to its predecessor,” thanks to its new setup.

The model will debut on stage at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show early next month, showing some further styling cues not seen on the non-performance models already revealed. The enhancements include chequered flag-style LED lights in the full-honeycomb mesh lower bumper area and an illuminated horizontal LED bar underneath the new VW logo that joins the LED headlights.

The only other tidbit of information is that the media release says the push-start ignition button will pulsate among the fully digital cockpit, and that the engine will be the most powerful GTD motor yet, though no specification has been released.

Tune in to Practical Motoring in March for further details as they happen live from the Geneva Motor Show.

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Alex Rae

Alex Rae