Detroit Electric claims its SP:01 sportscar will be the world’s fastest production all-electric sportscar when it goes on-sale later this year, with other electric models to follow.

DETROIT ELECTRIC WAS a pioneer of electric vehicles with company founder, William C Anderson producing his first electric vehicle in 1907. By 1910 the company was selling almost 2000 electric vehicles a year, but the arrival of the Model T Ford put paid to the electric dream. Notable customers included Thomas Edison, Mamie Eisenhower, John D. Rockerfeller Jr. and Clara Ford, the wife of Henry Ford.

In 2008, Detroit Electric was relaunched by Albert Lam, former Lotus CEO. And, after signing a partnership with Chinese car maker, Geely, to provide electric vehicles for that market, Detroit Electric has announced plans to develop a range of high-performance pure EVs.

The brand’s first product, the limited-edition SP:01 sportscar, will be, or so the company claims, the world’s fastest production electric vehicle when it goes on sale in European and Asian markets later this year.

According to Detroit Electric, “The SP:01 will set new standards for performance and handling in the EV segment. Its high-power electric motor will propel the car to an impressive 155 mph (249 km/h) top speed and a 0-60mph (0-96km/h) time of just 3.7 seconds.

Albert Lam, Chairman and CEO of Detroit Electric, said: “We’re truly delighted that we’re just weeks away from bringing to fruition our plans to introduce Detroit Electric’s first pure electric sports car. With a new production facility in the UK, a magnificent EMEA headquarters in The Netherlands and plans to engineer and assemble vehicles in the USA, the world will soon be able to experience the pure electric performance of our range of exciting and innovative Detroit Electric vehicles.

“The SP:01 will spearhead a diverse family of all-electric production cars, including an electric 2+2 supercar and a sedan model that will be engineered, developed and assembled at a planned facility in Michigan, USA.

“We are custodians of an iconic electric vehicle brand, and we intend to honour and carry forward its proud heritage of creating cutting-edge, innovative transport technologies,” Lam continued.

“We will come to the market with a range of exciting vehicles that will deliver thrilling pure electric performance with zero emissions. Our production base and new regional and global headquarters will give us the international reach we need to fast-track our growth. We have a fantastic, growing team of people, as well as the resources and expertise necessary to succeed in a competitive market.”


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