The Volkswagen Group has released a long list of vehicles caught up in the CO2 emissions deception as the #dieselgate scandal keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

VOLKSWAGEN GROUP has released a long list of vehicles now caught up in the CO2 emissions deception which saw VW deceive authorities and owners about the CO2 emissions of vehicles from Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi and Seat. The list is interesting as was the timing of its release, as it includes engine types not previously implicated in the CO2 emissions deception. The release to the media was after German business hours on Friday.

Volkswagen Group says it has discovered a number of 2016 models, up to 430,000 vehicles, that carry deceptive CO2 emissions figures.

One of the key issues with this is that there are many countries in Europe that issue registration pricing based on CO2 emissions. This means owners could be slapped with a deficit in their registration. VW says it has contacted relevant governments in those countries saying it will foot the bill.

But the kicker with the CO2 emissions is that the fuel consumption data on which they’re based is also bogus. Meaning owners cars aren’t as fuel efficient as they thought they were. It’s believed the real ‘test scenario’ fuel efficiency of affected cars is around 10-15% higher than claimed by the makers.

You can download the full Volkswagen CO2 here. Is your car on it?



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  1. Last weekend I was at the AUDI dealership in Perth. What I had noticed was that the ADR Fuel Consumption/CO2 Emissions label was removed from all the new cars on sale. I wonder what the sales people say to the customer regarding this. I thought that the ADR label had to be shown on all new cars for sale.

    1. That is interesting, and they do. I’ve just received a letter from Skoda saying its sorry it has installed a defeat device on my car and that it’s still safe to drive. No suggestion of a fix, although it did say it’ll pay for anything that needs doing. Wonder what’ll happen to my resale now that the CO2 is out of whack and the fuel efficiency is wrong. Isaac

  2. I guess its come clean time.

    Although the cynic in me suggests this maybe strategic moove to draw in other manafacturers. as VW appear to have been able to go closest to their quoted fuel consumption for which Co2 is directly linked. They then draw in other manufacturers who don’t get within cooee on that front.

  3. VW is actually one of the better Euro trash companies when it comes to fuel figures if it’s only 10-15% worst than stated. Some of them are out by 70% cough AMG 45 cough.

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