The Citroen Cactus M concept, billed as a successor to the iconic Méhari has broken cover ahead of its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

INSPIRED BY THE iconic 1968 Citroen Méhari, the Citroen Cactus M concept boasts “a bright, upbeat personality,” says Citroen. Looking a lot like a reimagined the Moke, the Cactus M is an open-top crossover that’s intended to build on the look of the production Cactus and the Aircross concept revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this year.

Here’s what Citroen says, “The wings are sculpted around the wheel arches for a more compact, muscular look. The upright windscreen, raised body and large wheels underline its personality as a leisure vehicle. Along the sides, the large plastic doors add a lightweight, protective touch, giving the vehicle its signature look. This design brings to mind the renowned Méhari, a vehicle created with the same ‘go-anywhere’ philosophy in mind. The cabin is completely open, connecting the occupants to their surrounding environment. Passengers access the seats in row two by climbing over the sides of the car, using the built in steps on either side at the rear”.

The Cactus M features drainage outlets in the footwells while the seats are upholstered in waterproof neoprene, meaning the inside of the car can be hosed out if needed. Inside, a range of functional stowage compartments are available including the large front door bins, each enclosed by a net. The boot is accessed from the outside and two surfboards can be attached using a specific lashing system. Citroën’s styling teams created two surfboards in the colours of the concept car to demonstrate this.

The Citroën Cactus M combines Citroen’s Grip Control with tall and narrow tyres, “increasing agility and enabling it to cope with the toughest roads and gradients”. Using a dashboard selector to the left of the steering wheel, the driver can choose between four Grip Control modes, normal, all-terrain, snow or sand.

The Cactus M concept was designed as an open-air vehicle, but the ‘roof’ can be closed. Located in the double-floor boot, the roof is installed by hand and stretches around the vehicle using an inflation system.Air inflates three tubes that hold the top in the correct position. Inflation is activated by a compressor at the rear of the vehicle.

By means of a tilting mechanism, the rear seat can become an extension of the boot, create a ‘couchette’. Users can either sleep in the open or under cover, using the inflation function to turn the roof into a freestanding tent. This tent folds out at the rear of the vehicle.

While the Cactus M looks like it could make it into production, we wouldn’t suggest you hold your breath.


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