Originally developed for the Aston Martin DB11, the Bridgestone Potenza S007A is now available for a wide range of performance cars.

DEVELOPED EXCLUSIVELY for the Aston Martin DB11 as the S007, the Bridgestone Potenza S007A was co-developed alongside the OE tyre for use on a wide range of performance cars.

In a statement, Bridgeston said: “The Potenza S007A has been introduced as Bridgestone’s flagship performance product following three years of design and development to target high performance vehicles such as BMW M3, Aston Martin models, Lexus sport models and AMGs to name a few”.

Speaking about the release of the new tyre, Bridgestone Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Andrew Moffatt said: “It’s always exciting to introduce a new product to our extensive line up, but the addition of a new flagship performance tyre, the Potenza S007A, brings even more anticipation to this launch.

“The Potenza range plays a significant role in Bridgestone’s history and products like the S007A are designed to showcase the capabilities that make sports cars such a thrill to drive: high speed cornering and braking performance.”

Currently, Bridgestone offers the S001 and RE050A but the release of the Potenza S007A will see it replace some tyre sizes of those other two products. It will be available, initially, in 42 sizes and can be used in staggered fitment. Certain sizes also feature a Kevlar flipper in the sidewall to increase rigidity and prevent excessive movement for exceptional high-speed grip.

“Potenza S007A enters the market as a step up from the highly popular S001 and RE050A products, with better responsiveness, new levels of stability for both every day and high speed applications, heightened grip and corning ability, improved braking capabilities and increased wear life compared to previous generation models,” Bridgestone said.

Key features of the Potenza S007A are its three-dimensional ‘M’ shaped sipes (groove), three wide ribs and the optimised crown shape which the maker claims ensure the tyre maintains uniform contact and pressure with the road to maximise wear life.

Bridgestone said: “S007A features rounded tread blocks to allow for higher contact pressure and enhanced grip levels during braking, particularly in the wet. Chamfering of the blocks also aids in preventing deformation of the tyre when under load by providing a flatter contact area.

“The central rib has been stiffened for greater stability and increased responsiveness while the low-angled sipes on the tread face offer heightened control for cornering. The steel and fibre ‘hybrid spiral’ construction also adds to the S007A’s durability.”


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