Attack The Dirt: The Road to Finke tells the story of trophy truck racing from the perspective of off-road racer, Brad Gallard, as he prepares for the infamous Finke Desert Race.

THE DOCUMENTARY will air on 7mate on 30 August and the director, Allan Hardy, says it’ll contain everything you expect from a program on off-road racing: “helicopter coverage, driver interviews and spec sheets. Howling horsepower, dusty power slides and explosive speeds, with complex suspension systems guiding wheels and tyres that defy terrain to effortlessly fly over obstacles that would halt the toughest 4×4”.

Attack The Dirt: The Road to Finke focuses on Team Toyo’s Brad Gallard and chronicles the history of the #454 truck following Brad and his team as they campaign the 2014 Australian Off Road Championship. It’s a typical Hollywood story; with the team determined to claim the 2014 ‘King of the desert’ throne after a mechanical failure in 2013 thwarted their plans to follow up their 2012 victory at The Finke Desert Race.

“The making of this film has given me a new perspective on trophy truck racing,” Allan Hardy said. “Visually the sport is so striking, and you can’t help but become emotionally invested in the team and engrossed in the detail of the equipment they use.

“I have developed so much respect for the drivers and teams that throw so many dollars, and so much time into it and give their all to compete in an extremely tough sport.

“A roll-over, broken suspension arm or a mechanical failure might seem like problems you can overcome with a good old ‘well that’s racing’, but every hit these trucks take hits the driver, the navigator and the supporting team even harder. These guys bleed off-roading,” Hardy said.

Brad Gallard

The star of the documentary, Brad Gallard (pictured), said: “I am honoured to be the subject of a movie that gives a different perspective to trophy truck racing,” Gallard said.

“This is a sport I believe in and I’m determined to help it grow. This documentary is a giant step forward in increasing its profile and telling the story of how we got to where we are.”

The documentary airs at 12:30pm on August 30 on 7mate.


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