Legendary German tuning house, Brabus, has let its Startech division turn a Range Rover into a ute. Er, okay…

MEET THE RANGE ROVER you never thought you wanted, the Brabus Startech Range Rover ute is quite clearly a Range Rover with a teeny, tiny tray on the back. In case you don’t know, Startech is the arm of Brabus that works on everything that isn’t Daimler-Benz related.

Startech Range Rover Ute

The roof has been cut down with Brabus Starch saying it added around 100 new bits and pieces with one of those being a heated rear window; the Rangie’s panoramic glass sunroof was retained. Nice.

Startech Range Rover Ute

What you see here is a concept car that will be shown at the Shanghai Motor Show. It sits on 23-inch wheels, gets a new air suspension system and gets a tweaked 5.0-litre supercharged V8 with around 393kW. The aim of the Range Rover ute is to allow easy importation into certain countries as the thing will now qualify as a commercial vehicle in a lot of countries.

Would you buy one?


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