VW has only just updated its logo and Audi has never dared touch its, but hard times around the globe see both pull their logos apart.

LIKE ALL industries, the automotive sector is preparing to be hit hard this year as the financial and health-related toll from the COVIS-19 coronavirus sees factories shut down and some employees laid off. In Australia, dealers are already fronting challenges just to get buyers into the yard and ensure vehicles remain sanitised.

Responding to new measures to help minimise the spread of the virus, VW and Audi have revised their logos to promote social distancing.

Social distancing has been implemented in many different countries around the world, requiring citizens to keep around 1.5-metres distance between each other in public spaces. 

Doing its bit to boost awareness, VW and Audi have modified their logos to promote distancing. Audi simply and effectively pulled its rings apart for the first time in the brand’s history. The four circles represent the merger in 1932 of four car companies in Germany – Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, though the rings were first used by Auto Union alone before World War II.

Volkswagen also separated its logo, spacing the W from the V further, altering the lettering on its all-new logo introduced this year. VW’s logo is simply the company’s initials, though the logo has evolved a fair way from its first incarnation in 1939 for Volkswagenwerk GmbH, which was formed at the start of The War.

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  1. I think this is one example of creative marketing. The world is full of clever people and if we all put our minds to it we can get through this challenge.

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