Aston Martin has revealed its go-kart to take on the Red Bull Soapbox Race in the UK, inspired by its Le Mans winning V8 Vantage GTE.

ASTON MARTIN has revealed its entry into the Red Bull Soapbox Race in the UK (dubbed the 24 Seconds of Le Ally Pally), looking like a miniaturised V8 Vantage GTE.

David King, President of Aston Martin Racing said: “When taking on a challenge as big as this it is important to rally your troops and throw everything you’ve got at it. Aston Martin has enjoyed great on-track success with the V8 Vantage GTE so it was the obvious choice for the design of our soapbox entry. I don’t think we’ll be putting our race drivers in it though as we need them to be in one piece for their next World Endurance Championship race the following week!”

v8 vantage gte

For the first time in 104 years, there’ll be no sound of a roaring V8 or V12 from an Aston Martin racer as gravity will be all Aston Martin can rely upon in the event, and with design and engineering of the sleek-looking little go-kart taking place at Aston Martin Works, the outfit says its kart is already a favourite.

According to the rules, entrants are judged on speed and creativity of design. They are also judged on showmanship and so Aston Martin is hoping its Le Mans winning racers Darren Turner (GB) and Jonny Adam (GB) can help. They will be on-hand to support Aston Martin’s Prototype Operations Senior Engineer, Alex Summers who will take the wheel of the miniature gravity-assisted go-kart.

v8 vantage gte

“Having watched the Red Bull Soapbox Race numerous times, it looks the most amazing event so I can’t wait to go and see it for real,” said Turner. “There is no way in the world I would get into one but I’m very happy to wave the brave pilot on his merry way. I hope Alex manages to last for more than 24 seconds and, most importantly, makes it to the bottom in one piece!”

Update 11 July, 2017: Aston Martin finished second at the Red Bull Soapbox Race.


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