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Armoured Gurkha 4WD now offered to the public

Want to make a statement next time you head off-road? Enter the Gurkha Rapid Patrol Vehicle which maker Terradyne is now offering in civilian guise.

Canadian company, Terradyne, is offering up its Gurkha Rapid Patrol Vehicle for sale to the public in the North America. Based off a Ford F550, and armoured to protect against small arms fire, it’s the sort of thing you buy when a Humvee and a Mercedes-Benz 6×6 AMG G-Wagen is a little too pedestrian.

Up until now, Terradyne has only been offering the Gurkha, not to be confused with the Force Motors 4×4 due out in September, to police forces around the world – it’s available in three variants: MPV, RPV and LAPV.

Under the heavily armoured bonnet is a 6.7L turbocharged V8 diesel engine making 300hp (223kW)at 2800rpm and 660ft/lb (894Nm) at 1600rpm, this is mated to a six-speed automatic, but it’s limited to 70mph because of the Continental MPT 81 tyres. Approach angle is 37-degrees, departure is 31-degrees and rampover is 16.26-degrees.

The Gurkha will carry five in comfort and with four tow hooks can be air-lifted if need be. The Terradyne website suggests there is a dealer located in Australia, but the address isn’t listed, and the company isn’t allowing the vehicle to be sold Down Under., but you never know.

Here’s a video of the Gurkha in action:

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9 years ago

May not be the most fuel efficient car around but it sure would look cool driving on Aussie roads… parking would also be a bit of a nuisance i hope it comes with a camera and sensors .. not that you would damage your Terradyne much if you hit anything anyways 🙂

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober