ANCAP has awarded five-star ratings for the new Audi A5, Volvo S90 and Hyundai Ioniq, but the results are a little confusing.

ANCAP HAS ANNOUNCED five-star ratings for the new Audi A5 (which is launching here later this week), the Volvo S90 and the hybrid Hyundai Ioniq (not yet available in Australia). But the results, specifically for the Audi A5 could cause some confusion.

See, locally features, including adaptive cruise control and lane support systems are standard fitment in New Zealand but cost optional for Australian buyers. So, the confusing bit is, if you don’t option them, is the A5 still a five-star car in the eyes of ANCAP? After all, ANCAP itself was critical. ANCAP boss, James Goodwin: “It is disappointing we continue to see this happen across brands”.

“A range of brands and vehicle categories are covered with these ratings and the majority performed very well across all areas of our assessment,” said Goodwin.

“Autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and reversing collision avoidance are however standard on all variants of the new hybrid model introduced by Hyundai – the Ioniq. Lane support systems and a manual speed limiter are also standard features adding to its top safety credentials.” The Hyundai Ioniq is now on-sale in New Zealand with the hybrid likely to arrive in Australia early in 2018.

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“As expected, the Volvo S90 features a range of advanced safety technologies and its standard-fit autonomous emergency braking system performed extremely well, with complete collision avoidance in all scenarios and at all test speeds,” Goodwin said.

“High scores were also achieved by the Audi A5 which is equipped with an ‘active’ bonnet and advanced AEB system which can detect and avoid collisions with pedestrians,” said Goodwin.

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“The safety specification of S90 models sold locally does however differ to those sold in Europe with no driver knee airbag. Specification of the A5 also differs between Australia and New Zealand with adaptive cruise control and lane support systems provided as standard for New Zealand consumers yet optional for Australians,” Goodwin added.

Question: Should ANCAP release ratings for all model variants with and without active safety features to give Australian motorists an accurate picture?


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